Evolution Of Graffiti

Graffiti has existed since ancient times. It can be viewed as a rebellious criminal act that needs to be suppressed and covered up. It can be called a true global culture, because it has spread all over the world.

Graffiti writing isn’t art. I can’t say they have affected my work in any way. I’ll attempt to concentrate on a few of the principal pieces and the work I’m interested in at this time. AUSM’s work is chiefly devoted to letter structure and other facets of conventional graffiti. Hence it doesn’t demand much time to create, and doesn’t occupy plenty of space either. For more art displays please visit the link!

Above all, graffiti today has achieved a certain level of social credibility, something which would not be able to be imagined even 3 decades back. With the quantity of graffiti artists rising, graffiti is now able to be found in cities all over the world including Vienna, Austria. Tagging graffiti have turned into the most typical form to be acquainted.

Art galleries throughout the world have proven the artwork of Os Gemeos. Whether it’s excellent art or not is the appropriate question. To me, the second you start painting, you’re a painter. I still wished to earn letter paintings though. We’re simply abstract painters. Street artists can present their work to people around the world.

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